Doing Our Part in Supporting Healthy Travel

Dear Valued Clients,

Over the past 19 years, we have weathered many storms in our community, the world and within our organization. Some were preventable while others were out of our control. Through each and every one of the storms we have endured by relying on our established procedures and adding new ones to the list to ensure our clientele, staff, partners, and community, not only survive but continue to thrive.

As a transportation provider, we understand that our training, procedures, and experience are the key components that keep our staff and clientele safe every time one of our vehicles leaves our facility.

Safety and the health of everyone that participates with us are and always will be a top priority at Great Lakes Executive Transportation, Inc.​

While we all feel that the onset of the COVID-19 is controlling our daily lives, it is imperative that we all remember that additional protocols and listening to our medical professional’s advice will assist in riding out this pandemic and return us back to our life, as it was before.

We want to ensure all of our clientele, partners, and staff that we have added the following additional protocols to ensure your safety and the safety of our community, as in the end working together will help us all.

  • We have removed all printed material or other items that passenger(s) might have shared in the past to prevent the spread of germs.
  • Water bottles will not be readily available — only upon request.
  • All vehicles will provide hand sanitizer for our clientele (if available).
  • Our chauffeurs have been advised to wash their hands thoroughly throughout their day.
  • Additionally, we are asking the staff to not handshake during this time and have provided them with gloves to use if they wish to.
  • All of our staff have been advised to stay home if they do not feel well and we are providing them the opportunity to work from home if their position can accommodate the situation.
  • In turn, we are asking that our clientele be conscious of their health and reschedule a ride if they are not feeling well so our staff can remain healthy.
  • Our team has met on several occasions to discuss new procedures and will continue to do so to review — proper disinfecting, customer contact, handling of passengers that are ill, etc.

If you have any questions regarding our service or cleaning policies feel free to contact us at 586.446.5300

As with previous periods of crisis, we must take precautions, — daily living will continue and we must all participate as our generosity and caring for others is what makes our life, at home, in our community, and the world, revolve.

During this time, I have one request of you. Please keep our staff and all the members of the hospitality community in your thoughts and prayers as we weather this storm. As you can imagine, our industry is incredibly vulnerable to the economic component of this crisis.

Our hopeful wishes for your good health will continue

Christopher M. Frank,
President & Team GLET